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Teaching you where, when and how to connect with families

Teaching you where, when and how to connect with families

Learn to reach new families when and where they’re searching for child care. Access our Learning Center and enjoy more than 100 tips, tutorials, and strategies on how to market your center online.

Learn how to engage growing families online

Master the tools you need to reach busy moms and dads online with the 100+ tips, tutorials, and strategies located in our Learning Center. We share our marketing know-how with centers like yours to help connect with today’s parents.

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Strengthen the skills you need to reach new parents online. Our step-by-step guides, in-depth tutorials and expert support help directors, owners and staff reach busy families at home or on-the-go.

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ParentSeek brings experience and expertise to your child care marketing.

Just like in your center, we rely on a team to get the job done. ParentSeek is filled with passionate team members who are excited to help you bring your child care business to life online. Our services are backed by years of personal and professional experience in marketing, consulting and child care.

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Interested in how our dedicated marketing team can partner with your center? Let’s chat about ways to share what makes your center special with new parents.