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Reach On-the-Go Parents with Mobile Marketing

According to Google data, “more than half of all web traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets.” A recent NRF study found that 78% of millennial parents use their phones to research products before purchasing.

With these two statistics in mind, it’s probably safe to assume that a large portion of millennial parents in your area are using their mobile devices to learn more about local daycares. Implementing mobile marketing tactics can help you reach parents when they’re researching child care options.

Mobile Friendly Website

A website that works well on mobile devices’ small screens is the first step. This is important for a few reasons. Firstly, Google now operates on a mobile-first index. Secondly, an ad designed to target mobile users will be useless if someone clicks on your ad and lands on a website that is difficult to use on a smartphone.

Mobile Friendly Emails

Your emails should also be designed to display on phones, tablets and desktops. Promotional emails give new parents insight into how you communicate with families at your center. Making them easy to read for on-the-go parents is essential.

AdWords Search Ads

Within a search campaign in Google AdWords, you can change settings and targeting to make an ad more appealing to mobile users. Test the use of a mobile bid adjustment to increase the price you’re willing to pay for each click on your ad that comes from a mobile device. You can also enable call extensions that let searchers click on your phone number. From your ad, the user’s phone app is immediately opened.

Search Engine Optimization

People search differently on mobile devices, using location-based keywords and voice search (which is popular among families). Implementing local SEO tactics and optimizing for voice searches can help you stand out among search results on mobile devices.