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Why You Need a Content Strategy for Your Center

Having a plan for your child care center’s digital content is just as important as creating the content. Implementing a content strategy will help your child care center stand out online, reach new families and boost enrollment!

What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy is what guides the creation, delivery and distribution of your daycare’s digital content, whether that be blog posts, website copy or social media posts. The importance of a smart content strategy goes beyond having an organized plan. It also improves SEO, boosts traffic to your website, builds relationships with parents, and helps you reach new families.

Why You Need a Content Strategy

Here are some of the significant benefits of a content strategy:

Focus On Long-Term Growth

Having a content strategy for your center will help you to focus on creating quality content that builds long-term relationships with families and your community. A content strategy will help you define your center’s long-term goals and priorities, which may be to boost enrollment or to connect with families online. You’ll also be able to readily identify new content creation opportunities to connect with parents in your region.

Increase Website Traffic

Updating your daycare’s website copy, blog and social media regularly will make your content more accessible to search engines, like Google. This way, people searching for child care will be able to easily find you. Blog posts make great shareable content as well, enabling you to reach more parents on social media and gain more website traffic.

Build Relationships with Parents

Sharing relevant and valuable content with your current families is one of the best ways to nurture lasting relationships with them. With a content strategy that showcases your daycare’s unique voice and benefits, you can engage with them on a more personal level. Build trust with parents by becoming their go-to resource. That may look like a helpful parenting blog post, a lunch calendar on your website, or a social media post showcasing your facility’s special features.

Reach New Families

Building a smart content strategy helps you to reach families at the top of the marketing funnel. Parents are likely to share free, helpful, easy-to-read content with other families, giving your center more exposure! Planning engaging and relevant blog and social media content that appeals to young families will make your posts more share-worthy.