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Digital Marketing

Setting Goals to Guide Your Child Care Center’s Digital Marketing

Setting goals for a digital marketing campaign is essential. Without concrete goals, there’s no way to know if your investment of marketing dollars is doing what you want or need it to. Outline what benefits your child care center needs to see from your digital marketing strategy for it to be considered a success.

Your top priority is likely an increased number of enrollments. This is your #1 goal. Using the user flow of your website as a guide, think about what smaller steps should be considered incremental goals for your center’s digital campaigns.

Contact Form Submissions

People who are interested in your daycare but have questions they’d like answered filled out your contact form. While this is not a tour signup or enrollment, you now have contact information for this potential customer and that’s worth something!

Email Newsletter Signup

After a website visitor submits their email address, they’re sent an email sharing more about your child care center. You may know from past marketing efforts that a certain percentage of these email signups go on to become customers. Therefore, collecting email addresses could be a worthwhile digital marketing goal.

Phone Calls

With call tracking software, you can track where each call you receive from your website came from. This helps you determine which digital marketing strategy each call your center receives is from. Knowing where your calls (and later, enrollments) are from will let you know which marketing vehicles are helping you meet your goals.

Tour Registrations

Whether your tour signups take place online or over the phone, they’re a big step toward a new family enrolling at your daycare. Setting goals for the number of tour signups you aim to receive via digital marketing is important.

Over time, you will come to know approximately what percent of contact form submissions, email newsletter signups, phone calls and tour registrations become new clients at your child care center. This conversion rate will help you determine exactly how many of these incremental goals you need to meet your primary goal: new enrollments.