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What is Remarketing? A Beginner’s Guide

Sometimes, a busy parent finds your center’s website online and browses a few pages of information. However, they were pulled away from their computer before contacting your center. These parents are already aware of your center but didn’t move into the consideration stage of the marketing funnel.

How do you recapture the attention of these moms and dads? When you add remarketing into your digital marketing strategy, you can put ads in front of these exact people. This is why remarketing is such a powerful tool.

How Does Remarketing Work?

If you’ve ever been “followed” by ads after looking at a product or service online, it was because of remarketing. You can use the same tactic for your business. When a parent views your website, a tracking tag is placed on their device. You then build ads only display to parents with the tracking tag from your website on their devices.

Because you know what these website visitors were looking at while they were on your website, your ads can be more customized. For example, if a website visitor was on a page about your education-based toddler class, you may want to show them ads featuring 2-year-olds, staff qualifications and educational games. Remarketing ads can also point people to specific landing pages on your website designed to encourage contact form submissions or tour sign-ups.

Types of Remarketing

Remarketing is available on multiple platforms, giving you lots of options to recapture the attention of those distracted moms and dads.

Screenshot of a remarketing ad on Google's display network

With Google Ads, you can build remarketing campaigns that display on search engine results pages, YouTube videos and other websites. Facebook also offers remarketing to website visitors. Because Instagram is part of Facebook, you can use Facebook’s remarketing technology to reach parents on Instagram too.

Remarketing has lots of benefits. It can also come off as creepy. Be sure your remarketing ads are customized without being too personal. You should also limit the number of times someone sees your ads and for how long after visiting your website they’re “followed.”