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What to Include In Your Contact Page Design

The contact page is one of the most important pages on your child care website. Your contact page is the beginning of a two-way conversation between your center and potential families. Encourage parents who visit your website to get in touch with a clean, friendly contact page design!

What to Include in Your Contact Page Design

Contact Form

It’s important that you include a contact form in your contact page layout so parents can easily send you a message by filling in a few fields. Here, you’ll capture important information from them, like an email address and phone number. However, it’s best to keep the form fields to a minimum to avoid bombarding parents.

Children's Castle contact form

Call to Action

Your contact page copy should include a call to action that encourages parents to reach out and learn more about your center. Keep your copy friendly and simple to make your center approachable for families.

Link to Your Social Media Accounts

If your website footer doesn’t include links to your social media accounts, your contact page is the perfect space for you to add them! This gives parents that visit your website the option to connect with you on social media with a follow or a direct message through your Facebook or Instagram profile.

Phone Number

Be sure to include your phone number on your contact page so parents can reach you directly by phone. Your phone number should also include mobile functionality, so parents can click and call your center from their mobile device.


Your address should be included in your contact page design so parents know exactly where you are located. An interactive map, like Google Maps, is also helpful for parents navigating to your center with the street view feature and the option to get directions directly to and from their starting point to your address.

Thank You Message

Your website contact page design should include a thoughtful thank you message when someone fills out a contact form to let them know you appreciate their time.