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Understanding the Customer Journey on your Childcare Website

You want the families you serve to effortlessly find the information they’re seeking on your website. You also want that information to be clear and easy to understand because, let’s face it, parents have enough on their plates! When you focus on these website elements, you are focusing on something known as customer journey, which includes both customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX).

Customer Experience vs User Experience

Though these two elements seem similar, they actually play unique roles in your childcare website’s customer journey. You want to connect with the families you work with on a genuine, yet professional basis. You want your content to be relatable as well as informative and thinking about how you design your website plays a part in the customer journey of your clients.

CX and UX help create a satisfying customer journey for those visiting your website. The CX focuses on the emotional connection website visitors have while the UX involves interactions and website metrics. They are different from one another but must work in harmony to make a top-notch website experience for your families.

What is CX?

As mentioned above, CX focuses on customer interaction and perception. Since your childcare center is trying to attract a specific type of customer, your website should draw that population through the experience it offers to visitors.

Maintaining a clear voice throughout your site and supporting your brand on each page is a good way to keep CX consistent. If a parent visiting your website is enjoying their experience, they are more likely to take the next step, such as signing up for a center tour. A good CX means parents may come back to your site to learn more, submit a contact form, or take more action to support your childcare.

What is UX?

UX focuses on the needs and values of your audience in a similar way CX does, but it takes a closer look at business objectives and goals. If your childcare website wants a customer journey leading parents to register their child, the UX helps strategize a way to make this happen.

There are certain components that influence UX as part of your customer journey. These elements help get visitors where they want to be on your childcare website while also finding value at every click. Making your childcare website useful, findable, credible and desirable creates value as well as positive UX.

Why This Matters to Your Center

When your website is desirable, easy to use and informative, parents will feel more at ease registering their child at your center. The emotional connection to your childcare website design, plus the credibility of the information you include, together provide a smooth customer journey. You want to understand why the parents visiting your website are satisfied with their experience or why they never again want to visit it. UX and CX together help build a worthwhile experience for your customers so you can focus on the next step of the process—adding another family to your childcare center.