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How to Implement Top of Funnel Marketing at Your Daycare

What is Top of Funnel Marketing?

Top of the funnel marketing looks at your daycare’s prospects and strategy in the shape of an upside-down cone. At the top of the funnel, a wide pool of potential families exists that are unaware of your daycare center and what services you have to offer them. Top of the funnel marketing seeks to target these families in the uppermost portion of the funnel by spreading brand awareness and educating them on your childcare solution.

What would this look like for your daycare center?

Top of Funnel Marketing Strategy

In order for your daycare to reach the vast group of parents unfamiliar with your facility, you must develop a top of the funnel marketing strategy. Essentially, you are looking to grab the attention of millennial parents with young children, and bring them to your website, where they can explore your center’s child care services in-depth. First, you’ll want to find out what platforms parents are using to get their news and information and use those channels as tools to point new families toward your center.

Top of Funnel Content

One of the best ways to reach families at the top of the funnel is to engage them with snackable content that’s easy to read and share with other families. Top of the funnel content should be available to families at a low barrier, with no risk or cost. You are simply trying to catch their attention in hopes they will continue to move down your funnel. Here are some examples of top of the funnel content that your daycare center can use to reach new families:

Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way to attract new families by sharing free, helpful content. Activity guides and parenting tips showcase your daycare’s brand and personality. Once you create a blog post and share it, parents can view your content and share it with others, introducing more families to your center!

Social Media

Publishing top of the funnel content and pictures on your daycare’s social media allows your center to be visible to the public. Planning engaging and relevant content that appeals to young families will make your posts intriguing and share-worthy.


Newsletters allow parents to receive free top of the funnel content right in their inbox. Email is a convenient way to reach working parents, connect families to your center, and share with them curated blog posts or upcoming events at your daycare. Most importantly, parents are getting free, introductory content that invites them in to see what your center has to offer their families.