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5 Must Dos to Add to Your Blog Post Checklist

Adding a blog to your child care website can help you communicate with current families and demonstrate your authority to prospective parents. Keeping your blog up-to-date doesn’t have to be complicated or incredibly time-consuming. Use these five must dos to make sure your blog posts are great, each and every time you hit publish.

An Important Topic

Never write a blog post just to write a blog post. Your blog should provide value to website visitors. Center news, local events and resources for parents are all great reasons to sit down and type up a blog post.

A Title

When your post is shared on social media and appears in search engine results, the first thing people see is the post’s title. Make sure the title you choose is relevant to the post and encourages people to click to read more.

A Few Hundred Words

Writing a blog post doesn’t need to take all day, but it should be long enough to cover all the important details you want to share with website visitors about the post’s topic. Aiming for more than 300 words is usually a good goal.

If you’re creating an in-depth resource about child behavior and development for parents or other child care providers, you’re probably going to need more than 300 words to share all that you know on the subject. That’s okay! Long, in-depth posts that aren’t time sensitive have the potential to gain many website visitors through organic search results. Search engines favor posts that encourage users to spend time on your website, which in many cases means a longer article.

Short Paragraphs

Short paragraphs with descriptive headings make it easy to skim and read blog posts, especially on mobile devices with smaller screens. Busy parents interested in center news and local events will be more likely to learn all the details when they’re easy to read.


Parents are looking for a child care provider that will help begin their child’s education. It’s essential for you to put your best foot forward online. Your reputation as a high-quality child care provider can be quickly dented by a harmless typo. Always reread and edit your blog posts before publishing!