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3 Tips for Adding Automated Emails to Your Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tactics you can use to connect with parents. Following best practices can result in a return on your investment of as much as $44 for every dollar you spend. Automating specific pieces of an email marketing strategy helps centers use email to its full potential – without tying up staff for hours!

What is Email Automation?

Email marketing automation is a tool that lets you send a series of emails based on certain guidelines you set. These guidelines are called triggers. You can choose to “trigger” emails based on dates, events or how subscribers are interacting with your emails.

Email automation may also be referred to as “drip campaigns.” This is because one of the most common uses for automated email marketing is a series, or steady “drip,” of emails that send to leads over the course of weeks or months.

Email Marketing Automation Tips

1. Use Triggers Thoughtfully

Email automation triggers let you personalize and send emails based on specific events in your current and potential clients’ lives. This could be the age of their kid(s), when they first contacted your center, or another event. Before building automated emails, think about how you’ll use triggers to their full potential.

2. Stay On-Brand

Just like any marketing materials, your emails should be on brand and follow your center’s style guide. Make sure that parents can always recognize your center from the name, logo and colors you use.

3. Check In Regularly

One of the best things about automated emails is that they require little attention once they’re up and running. You still need to check in periodically to make sure everything is running smoothly. Every few weeks, login to your email platform and double check your emails are sending, parents are opening them, and all the information they include is up to date!