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How to Ask for Reviews without Being Pushy

Reviews are important for the success of any business with a digital presence. They’re especially important for industries built on trust like child care. Positive reviews from customers made 73% of consumers trust a local business more. After reading positive reviews, 37% of consumers visit a company’s website.

How exactly do you get those positive reviews that are so essential?

First and foremost, never be bothersome about asking for a review. You want families to leave positive messages about your business, not be so annoyed they not only don’t give you a review at all, they give you an unfavorable review.

No matter how you ask for reviews, think about how to make it easiest for parents. Mobile friendliness is important for busy families. Make sure your emails look okay on small screens and the links you share are easy to click with a thumb.

Ask in Person

Make a quick mention of your Google profile and ask if parents have a few minutes this coming weekend to leave a review. You can also place signage in a central location reminding parents that you love reviews.

When your center receives a compliment, ask the parent if they would be willing to share their comment online. Your teachers and assistants should be just as confident asking for a review as you are, as they spend more time with the kids and have more to say to parents at the end of the day.

Include a Link

Include a link to your Google business profile or Facebook page in your email newsletters. A post on your social media profiles every once in a while serves as a good reminder as well. To make leaving a review easy for parents, try to align the channel where you’re asking for the review with the channel they can write the review on. For example, on Facebook, ask for Facebook reviews. You can even use Messenger to ask individual clients for reviews.

Ask Partners

Your reviews don’t all have to be from your current families. Ask other small businesses you work with regularly to consider leaving you a review as well.