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How to Develop a Content Strategy

Developing a content strategy for your child care center’s digital marketing will help you reach new families online while focusing on long-term growth. Before you start creating content, follow these steps to improve your strategy:

1. Define Your Goal

Before anything else, it’s important to specify the purpose of your content. Setting a goal will help you to focus on what’s important (and what’s not) when creating your content. Your goal may be to get more website traffic, boost your social media engagement, or improve your website’s SEO. Be sure to document your goal so you can track your content’s progress and overall return on investment.

2. Research Your Target Audience

After you’ve defined the goal for your content, it’s time to identify your target audience. Find out as much as possible about the parents you want to reach and form relationships with. Look carefully at your center’s current families and those of your competitors to get a better idea of who you are communicating with. By learning about your target audience, you can create content that is relevant and valuable to them.

3. Determine Content Types

There are a variety of content options to choose from, including social media, blog posts, email blasts, photos and videos. Determine which content types you should be focusing on with your goals and target audience in mind. For example, blog posts can help you accomplish a number of goals, from SEO to shareable social media posts to links for your email newsletter. Focusing on social media content will help you engage and interact with more families online.

4. Develop a Distribution Strategy

Determine where and how you’re going to publish your content to attract working moms and dads with young children. Not every piece of content needs to be shared in an email newsletter or on all of your social media platforms. Consider which content types and channels would best communicate with the parents you’re trying to reach, rather than simply throwing your content in front of anyone and everyone.

5. Brainstorm Content Ideas

Brainstorming content ideas is a major part of developing a strong content strategy and the last step before content creation. Think about what content topics may be engaging or resourceful for young millennial parents. A content calendar is a great place to jot down any content ideas you may have for the future.