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FAQ Ideas for your Child Care Website

Adding frequently asked questions to your About or Program pages is a great way to provide additional information to parents as they browse your website. Parents who read your FAQ section and continue to your contact form are more informed about your policies.

Create a frequently asked questions page with these FAQ ideas:

  • Your center’s hours
  • Specific licensing and accreditations
  • Accommodations for food allergies
  • Discounts you offer for siblings, referrals, etc.
  • Vacation time availability
  • Your staff’s education and experience
  • Parent visitation policy
  • Part time enrollment
  • The amenities your daycare offers, such as webcams or playgrounds
  • The specific curriculum you use
  • How you prioritize building security
  • Safety measures you take in the classroom
  • The ways you communicate with your current families, such as email or daily reports
  • Child to caregiver ratio, especially if it is better than your state’s requirement
  • The days your center will be closed during the year
  • Illness policy
  • Whether you have a waiting list
  • What naptime looks like

You’ll also want to include any additional questions you often receive from parents over the phone, via contact forms or on tours. A well-organized FAQ page based on these examples will help you cut down on the number of inquiries you receive from families who won’t be a great fit for your center. This will save you time, allowing you to focus more effort on converting more qualified parents into clients.