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How to Create Shareable Content for Your Blog

A child care blog is a great way to engage with parents and establish long-lasting relationships. Creating shareable content is key if you want moms and dads in your community to engage with your blog posts and connect with your center online.

How to Create Shareable Content

Here are some sharable content ideas that will encourage moms and dads to show their friends and family your posts:

Appeal to Your Community’s Values

Parents are likely to share content that reflects their own values. When you connect the values of young moms and dads to your content, you’re showing them that you care. Plus, parents want to be sure that your center’s values align with their own, so it’s a great idea to make your values public with a shareable blog post.

Relate to Young Parents

Relatable posts that provide value to families make great shareable content. Incorporate practical value into your posts to establish your authority in the child care realm. For example, share child care tips or healthy snack options for kids.

Focus on Trending Topics

Find out what trending topics you could talk about that might intrigue young parents or spark discussion. Perhaps there’s a new child care book, children’s movie or current news story you could report on in your blog. Show parents you’re engaged and involved in the industry to gain respect as a trusted child care expert.

Build Hype for an Upcoming Project or Addition

Are you launching a new project or addition in the near future? Get people talking about your next move with a shareable blog post that builds excitement around your big news!

Use Lists

Listicles receive more average shares than almost all other content types. Why? Lists are skimmable, easy-to-read content for busy moms and dads on the go who can’t be bothered by an overwhelming amount of text.

Add Photos and Videos

Including photos or videos in your blog posts make your content engaging and more likely to be shared. Add an eye-catching graphic, picture of your facility’s latest addition or footage of an event at your center to your post for visual appeal.

Write Captivating Headlines

The most shareable content uses engaging headlines that captivate parents and inspire them to hit the share button. Write compelling headlines that capture the main point of your blog posts and appeal to parents of young children.

Include Social Sharing Buttons

Be sure to include visible social sharing buttons on all of your blog content! This allows readers to easily share your content in just one click.