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Grow Your Center with these Tips for Facebook Advertising

Social media has become a useful marketing tool for many businesses, including child care centers. While posting on your timeline and utilizing Facebook or Instagram stories is great, sometimes you need an extra push to engage with more parents. If you want to grow your child care center and connect with as many parents as possible, following tips for Facebook advertising may be a great place to start.

Why Try Facebook Advertising?

Facebook ads are a great way to connect with the public through the ease of social media. There are Facebook ad targeting tips that can help. Approximately 2.6 million people are active on Facebook every month. Parents make up a good portion of that 2.6 million and utilizing Facebook advertising to connect with those parents is a visual way to increase interest in your child care center. The visual element of Facebook ads is crucial because Millennials and Gen Z’ers are very visual people. Reaching out to potential parents through Facebook advertising could be the positive change your child care center needs and there are some simple Facebook ads tips that could help support that change.

Tips for Facebook Advertising

Know Your Audience

Even though you know your goal is to connect with new families and parents, diving deeper into that demographic is helpful when using Facebook advertising. When you begin using the Facebook ads tool, you can choose the group of people you would like to reach. There are options such as age, behaviors, locations and interests you can complete and you definitely want to fill those options out with as many details as possible. The more details regarding your audience you include in your Facebook ads targeting, the more likely the parents seeing the ad will click on it.

Know Your Budget

Unfortunately, Facebook ads are not free. However, when done right, they are worth the money you put into them. Knowing your audience is a great start when deciding what your budget will be, since the type of user you want to reach can be a factor. Facebook Ads Manager uses a real-time auction to determine what you’ll pay every time someone clicks on your ad. This may sound intimidating, but you are fully in charge of your bid and will never go over your maximum budget.

Know Your Objective

It’s obvious the end goal of using Facebook ads is to gain clients for your child care business. However, knowing exactly what your objectives are behind utilizing Facebook advertising helps provide more specific information to the algorithm. Knowing your child care brand can help pinpoint the audience you’re aiming to reach those with specific objectives. Another reason Facebook advertising is a great tool for your child care is there are options specifically for detailed objectives called Dynamic Ads and Lead Ads. Once you understand the basic tips for Facebook advertising, you can look further into the more specific tools to engage further with local parents.