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Hiring Child Care Workers with Digital Marketing

Finding the right staff for your center can be a challenge. If you’re using digital marketing to grow your center, you can expand your efforts to include a campaign for hiring child care workers. One of the benefits of using digital marketing is that once a child care staffing campaign is created, it can be turned on and off when you need it!

These tools can help you attract qualified candidates without a large investment.

Your Website

Add a page to your website listing your open positions, as well as clear instructions on the information an applicant should include and how you prefer to receive applications. Make this page straightforward and professional.

Not only can you add this page to your website’s footer, you can also link to it in your digital ads. Two of the best ways to direct an audience to your website’s jobs page are through social media and pay-per-click ads. For centers already using these techniques, adding a campaign for hiring child care workers is simple. Instead of targeting parents in your area, show ads to people who work in child care or are searching for relevant terms in your city. The term “daycares hiring near me” is searched almost 10,000 times per month nationwide, so there’s a good chance qualified candidates are making similar searches near your center.

Organic social media can also be a useful tool. Tag local colleges’ career centers, especially those with strong early childhood education programs. You can also tag local job search sites or industry networks that reach the type of candidate you’re looking for. Ask your current employees to share with any of their friends or peers who may be a good fit. It’s okay to post the same job opening a few times on social media over the coming weeks if you’d like to receive more applications.

Did you receive a lot of qualified applicants the last time you hired child care staff? Create an email list with their email addresses and use an email template to send out new job postings. Include a link to the page on your website that explains how to apply, especially if the procedure has changed recently.

Online Networks

Job board website Indeed claims about 55 million unique monthly visitors, so it can be an excellent place to reach a wide variety of potential daycare staff. There are also job board websites with more targeted audiences, like child care-specific sites and local postings.

If you belong to any regional or industry networking groups, they may also be able to spread the word about your open position through their website, email newsletters and social media.