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How to Incorporate Holiday Hashtags into Your Social Media

Using hashtags in your social media posts makes them searchable for trending keywords, helping your posts receive more engagement. Holiday hashtags draw a great deal of attention and can further your daycare’s marketing reach by making your posts visible to a wider audience of parents. However, it’s important that you use holiday hashtags appropriately to represent your child care business’s brand and culture.

Here are some tips for incorporating holiday hashtags in your social media content calendar:

Research Holidays to Add to Your Social Media Content Calendar

Besides the traditional American holidays, there are plenty of fun international holidays to incorporate into your social media content calendar. Do some research for each month and find new national or international days you can incorporate in your daycare’s social media posts, like Dr. Suess Day or National Stop Bullying Day. Then, add them to your content calendar to be intentional about using them! Before posting, you’ll want to look out for the trending hashtags on the actual holiday to be sure your content gets noticed.

Click here for a hashtag holiday calendar from Sprout Social.

Choose Relevant Holiday Hashtags

It’s important that the holiday hashtags you use reflect your center’s brand. Choose social media holidays that are relevant to child care, with your audience in mind. Using holiday hashtags that have nothing to do with your daycare could cause confusion among your followers. You don’t need to overdo it. The goal is to boost engagement among current families and future parents that may see your hashtag.

Hopping on the hashtag train is a great way for your daycare to join the trending conversation. If a holiday pertains to your daycare or might spark conversation among your audience of moms and dads, post about it – and don’t forget to include a hashtag!

Find a Creative Way to Incorporate Social Media Holidays in Your Posts

It’s time to get creative with your social media holiday posts! There are so many different ways you can incorporate holiday hashtags into your posts. Adding a visual to your post is always a great way to engage your audience. Involve your child care center’s families by encouraging them to post about a national holiday with a hashtag. World Smile Day would be a perfect social media holiday to share photos of smiles from your staff members and kids! You can even invite families to participate in the challenge by sharing their own photos with the hashtag.