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Label Jars, Not People: Les Brown at the Child Care Success Summit

The ParentSeek team spent a few days in Dallas at the Child Care Success Summit. We had a great time meeting owners and directors from all over the world! A few of us were also lucky enough to hear Les Brown, a renowned motivational speaker, at the Summit.

Les carried the support of his preschool teacher with him throughout his life. It was this support, along with the unwavering love of his mother, that allowed him to rise above the challenging circumstances he endured throughout his long life. How fitting for a room full of child care providers determined to give their kids the best experience possible!

Les shared with his audience some incredible advice at the Child Care Success Summit. These are some of our favorite pearls of wisdom from Les.

You have the power to shape how a child sees themselves. A child’s personality develops early in their life. Your words, your actions and your smile affect children. Tell kids how special they are and what is available to them, just as Les Brown’s preschool teacher did for him.

Teach not only reading and writing and math, but also courage. In all of these pursuits, set high expectations for your kids, because “no one rises to low expectations.” Label jars, not people.

Give yourself the tools you need to run your center. Your job is incredibly difficult. Just because you feel called to child care, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy road. Find people who share your vision and ask for help when you need it! This does not mean you’re weak, but instead that you are strong. Continue asking for help until you get it.

Tell your story. Center owners and directors are talented, driven people. There’s likely a reason you chose child care as a profession. Tell this story to parents. You (and your passion) are the key to building your center.