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Prepare for Gen Z Parents with Personalized Marketing

The majority of today’s parents are part of the Millennial generation. In just a few years, Generation Z (made up of individuals born between 1995 and 2012) will make up a large minority of new parents.

Each new generation of parents brings new challenges to the child care centers trying to market to them. One way to catch the attention of Gen Z parents will be adding personalization to ads. Almost half of Gen Z moms (46%) prefer targeted and personalized ads, compared to just 29% of Millennial moms.

There are a few simple ways to add personalization in your child care marketing, which can help you appeal to Gen Z parents.


Adding information from your email list into your emails can help your message stand out. A personalized subject line makes your recipient 26% more likely to open your email. You can also add other personalized information like a scheduled tour date or details about your location closest to their home.


Social media and display ads have incredibly precise targeting abilities, including gender, age and online behaviors. Use imagery in your ads that aligns with the individuals you’re targeting. For example, you can target females, ages 25-44, who recently made child-related purchases with a Facebook ad that shows a woman dropping a child off at daycare.


Target users who visited your website with digital ads based on the pages they visited. Families who looked at a page about after-school care would be more interested in learning about which school bus routes service your center than how you care for infants.


Catering to families’ wants and needs with personalized services can help your center stand out from competitors. Consider advertising weekend and evening care, drop in options and other customized child care solutions.