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Tips for Addressing (and Learning From) Negative Reviews

Negative reviews left on your Google My Business profile or Facebook page can be disheartening. They can also discourage new parents from contacting your center when looking for child care. This is why it’s so important to address negative reviews as soon as possible!

Use these tips to maintain a positive reputation online:

Don’t Panic

One bad review won’t negate all the hard work you’ve put into your daycare. Take a deep breath and try not to panic when you see a negative review. Most parents researching child care options know that a few negative reviews aren’t the full picture, especially when the majority of reviews are positive.

Is the Review Legitimate?

Google has strict guidelines regarding who can leave reviews on your business profile. Google says within their review policies to “Make sure that the reviews on your business listing, or those that you leave at a business you’ve visited, are honest representations of the customer experience. Those that aren’t may be removed.” This includes offensive content and reviews from current and past employees, as well as competitors.

Respond Quickly

Customers expect a timely response to their review, especially when they’re upset. However, if you’re hurt by the review, don’t respond immediately. Getting defensive can only make the situation worse. Take a few minutes to try to see the customer’s side of the story and respond with empathy. Offer a solution and provide your direct contact information so you can resolve the problem via email or over the phone.

Search for Themes

Not every negative review will change how you run your business. This is both impossible and impractical! Instead, look for themes within your reviews. Do a lot of parents mention inconvenient hours? Are grandparents feeling left out? Take big-picture themes and address them at your child care center. Even 4- or 5-star reviews may mention potential improvements.

Share Negative Reviews with Employees

Make sure your daycare staff knows what people are saying about your business online. Depending on the platform, you may know exactly who left a negative review. When staff members are aware of this, they can direct special attention to fixing the problem, not only for the family who mentioned it, but overall.