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How To Design a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

If you want to connect with busy parents using their phones, mobile-friendly landing pages are essential. When on-the-go parents click on a search result, an ad or a social media link to your next event’s registration form, they should be greeted by a landing page designed specifically for mobile users. Invite parents to take action on your landing page by designing an optimal mobile experience!

How to Design a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

Highlight Your CTA

Focus on one strong and concise call to action for your mobile landing page to avoid overwhelming parents with text on a small phone screen. Think about what it is that you want your visitors to do while on the page. Your call to action could encourage parents to fill out a form for an email subscription or to register for a free event at your center.

Keep Important Content Above the Fold

When parents arrive at your landing page, they should immediately see the most important content without having to scroll. Your call to action line and any essential details should be located at the top of the page.

Use a Single-Column Layout

Looking at more than one column on a mobile device can be very distracting. Use a single-column layout to make scrolling and navigation simple for parents on their phones.

Keep it Simple

It’s best to keep your mobile landing page content to a minimum if you want to engage with active parents. Maximize the small screen space you have by eliminating any clutter, which might include fluffy verbiage or distracting images.

Optimize Forms for Mobile

The form is one of the most important parts of your landing page because that’s where you capture information from current and potential families. Be sure to optimize your form for mobile visitors with limited fields and dropdowns to make the process quick and easy.

Boost Page Speed

When it comes to mobile landing pages, page speed is so important. If your landing page takes too long to load, busy parents are likely to leave your website before even seeing anything. Be sure to optimize your mobile landing page for speed to keep parents on your website!