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Why Your Child Care Business Needs a Website

In the US, the phrase “daycare centers near me” is currently searched on Google an average 22,200 times every single month. That number is growing each year. This chart from Google shows just how popular the phrase “daycare centers near me” has become with parents over the last five years.

Search “daycare centers near me” for yourself and take a look at the results. You might see links to lists on or Yelp. Does your child care center appear on one of these lists? It’s great if it does! However, you’re sharing that space with a lot of your competitors – and there’s not very much space to begin with.

Go back to the search results. You probably see a few websites from other daycares in your area, especially if you look through the second page of results too. Did you notice what you didn’t see a whole lot of? Facebook pages. Really old websites. News articles.

If you want to catch the attention of even a few of those thousands of parents searching for nearby child care, you need an updated website.

3 Reasons Your Center Needs to Invest in a Website

  1. When you invest in a website, it’s yours. You’re not competing for parents’ attention among puppy photos and family updates like on Facebook. No one will suspend your account without warning like on Instagram. You don’t have to hang out with your competitors like on
  2. Parents can find everything they need in one place. A great website that can be used on any device and answers all of a new parent’s questions is way more helpful than a social media post or flyer. You have an unlimited amount of space to talk about what makes your center great. If you happen to catch a parent’s attention with a social media post or flyer, point them toward your website so they can learn more!
  3. A well-organized website helps families take the next step. Lots of calls to action that direct parents to a contact form or tour signup page make capturing the contact information of potential clients easy.