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3 Engaging Child Care Newsletter Ideas for Your Center

A newsletter is your child care center’s strongest connection to your students’ parents. This is because if a social media platform were to shut down tomorrow, your email would still reach a list of dedicated contacts. Of course, you can’t magically gain email members without finding a way to draw in their interest. Gaining and maintaining parent engagement is important. It’s possible when you have solid, intriguing childcare newsletter ideas to share.

If you have an appealing design or template (Mailchimp and Canva are great tools) for your newsletter, thinking up some child care newsletter ideas may be the next step for your child care center. Newsletters to parents can be tricky since every parenting style is unique and every parent’s personality is different. Connecting your newsletter’s aesthetic to your child care center’s brand is a good place to start. When it comes to engaging child care newsletter ideas, the following are a few great ones for your child care center to try.


When it comes to improving parent engagement, posting interviews in your child care center newsletter can be both entertaining and beneficial. These interviews can be from students at the center, parents of students, classroom teachers, or the child care center owner. If your center is involved with enrichment programs, one of the program leaders could also be involved in an interview to educate parents of the activity. Interviews—especially those involving little ones—grab the attention of readers while increasing that level of trust between the parents and the child care center.


Parents and teachers alike love seeing children’s artwork, performances, and classroom photographs. Why not include these engaging and entertaining elements with your other child care newsletter ideas? Of course, you want to make sure you have signed permission from parents to post the photographs and videos being shared in the child care newsletter. If you have a good handful of signatures from approving parents and some terrific content worth sharing, these kinds of newsletters to parents bring a smile to their faces.

Look Local

Parents are always looking for new activities to take their little ones to and new ways to interact with other parents. If your child care center hosts regular events or evening activities, including information about these events in your newsletter to parents is a great way to connect. You can change up the layout and content of this topic in unique ways. One newsletter can be a calendar while the next can focus on details regarding an upcoming event. Even sharing local activities going on in your town is a way to genuinely bond with the parents at your child care center. Using your newsletter to answer questions most parents have gains not only trust, but encourages a sense of community.