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How to Get Parents and Clients in your Door

Congratulations! You opened a daycare and are now ready for families to enroll their children at your center. Wondering where to go from here? There are a ton of options when it comes to promoting your child care business.

Know Your Demographic

Running a daycare business means that you’ll work with children day in and day out. However, the customers you need to impress first are their parents. They will be selecting their child’s care based on a number of factors, including customer service, cleanliness, staff, reputation and your website. Having a greater understanding of your clients will allow you to cater your services to their needs. They will appreciate you helping them through the difficult process of selecting a daycare.

Website Design

Marketing and brand awareness will put your daycare light years above the rest when done properly. In the initial stages of searching, parents will diligently search for details about your business through your website and social media profiles. First, it’s imperative to have an easy-to-use and attractive website. Positive social media reviews and consistent information across all of your digital platforms can also benefit you. This way, potential clients can contact you when they are ready.

Digital Marketing

Creating multiple touch points with existing leads can help convince those interested in your center to enroll. Once you gather information from new parents, whether from a phone call to your center or a form on your website, remind them to take the next steps in choosing your center. This is often done through remarketing ads and email automations.

Turn Leads into Customers

New parents are making a big decision when choosing child care for their kids, so they need your help. Reassure nervous parents that you’re the best option by providing helpful communication, and lots of opportunities for more information and tours. With a plan on how your center will turn leads into customers, you’ll be bringing clients through your door in no time!