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4 Ways Pinterest Can Benefit Your Child Care Center

Pinterest is not the most effective social media for directly driving new enrollments. However, it can be a great communication tool for you, your staff and the families you already serve. If your center doesn’t have a Pinterest account, set one up using these step-by-step instructions.

Find Daily Inspiration on Pinterest

Planning 5 to 7 days’ worth of activities customized for multiple age groups each week can leave you uninspired. There are thousands of parents, teachers, daycares and publications on Pinterest sharing awesome crafts and lesson plans. Get inspired by these activities and customize them to suit your center.

Pinterest allows you to create private boards that your followers are unable to see, perfect for the early stages of planning. You can also add multiple authors to a board. Let your teachers and staff pin activities they’d like to include in lesson plans on a shared board.

Share Your Daily Activities with Parents

Organize your inspiration into well-explained boards on your profile. You can create a board for each week. Add in details about how you executed the activity in the description box. Share these boards with parents in your email updates to let them know what their kids are up to at your center.

Give Parents Ideas for Home

Parents are likely asking you for new activities to do at home with their kids. Create boards based on age and subject (math, language, science, outdoors) that complement what you’re teaching and point parents towards them. This helps parents reinforce what kids are learning at daycare.

Demonstrate Activities for Potential Customers

After using Pinterest to communicate with current families for a few months, you probably have an impressive collection of activities. You can start to point potential clients to your Pinterest boards. Add a link to your most popular boards in emails to website visitors and mention them during your tour.

Browsing your account will give new parents a good idea of the type of lessons and activities you do. This doesn’t make Pinterest a great way to point potential clients to your website or increase tour sign ups. It can, however, give parents on the fence about your center a little bit more information to help them decide if your daycare is right for them.