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Leverage Social Proof to Appeal to Millennial Parents

Millennials currently make up 78% of new parents. This means the majority of your advertising should be designed to reach Millennials. New parents share some characteristics regardless of the age cohort they’re a part of. However, Millennials who recently became parents still retain preferences unique to their generation.

One of these preferences is the desire for social proof, including reviews and testimonials from friends and acquaintances. AdWeek reports that “68% of 18- to 34-year-olds agree that their peers’ social posts are ‘somewhat likely’ (or better) to influence them into making a purchase.” Compare this to data collected from respondents over the age of 65: 78% were ‘not at all likely’ to be influenced by peers.

As a child care business owner, you can leverage the high regard Millennials hold for their friends’ opinions to attract new parents.

Encourage Reviews

Ask your current families to leave reviews on your Facebook and Google My Business profiles. This not only helps your search engine optimization efforts, it appeals to Millennial parents looking for social proof when they Google your center’s name.

Be Active on Community Platforms

If your community has a forum or app where local parents ask for advice, get involved! Your presence could spur comments and stories about how happy past and present families are with your services. You can also directly address any questions new parents have about searching for child care.

Feature Testimonials

Have you served multiple generations of a family? Were you able to make accommodations for a family with unique needs? Ask the families who received your best service to share their stories. Collecting testimonials for your daycare’s website and social media platforms can help you reach Millennial parents with a message that resonates.

Find Local Influencers

Parents are also reaching beyond their circle of friends for advice; 12.5 million moms are expected to read blogs this year. Consider harnessing the influence of local “mommy bloggers.” Partnering with moms in your community who are familiar with your services can help you spread the word about your center without it feeling like advertising.