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What Social Media Should my Daycare Use?

There are lots of different social media platforms that your child care business can use to grow.

No matter which social media you use, create a strategic calendar that includes center updates and helpful resources. Regular and professional updates can help you communicate with the families you already serve. They’ll also help potential clients understand your center’s overall personality and day to day activities!

As a busy child care professional, your time is precious; it’s better to fully commit to just a single platform than haphazardly update five or more social media profiles. So which platforms are right for your daycare?


Facebook offers lots of options for child care businesses. You can post links, status updates and photos that are easy for your fans to share with their friends. Facebook also offers a large range of targeting tools for running advertisements, which can be great if you’re actively looking to increase enrollments.


If your local community is active on Twitter, this may be a good place to share information about your daycare. You can create lists of accounts that are sharing relevant information, including local media outlets, mommy bloggers in your city and nearby school districts to ensure you stay up to date.


Instagram is a highly visual social media. Strategic hashtags can help potential clients find your center, but you only have space for one link in your profile. It can also be difficult to find enough high-quality content for your profile while respecting the privacy of the kids at your center.


Creating video content takes more time and resources than other social media. However, there are multiple reasons to invest in a YouTube channel. Videos rank well in Google’s search results. Potential customers will also be able to see the whole rooms via video, not just a sliver of your center.

If you do choose to commit to YouTube, you can re-edit video content for other platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.


Share kid-friendly crafts, snacks, books and more on Pinterest. Not only can this platform help inspire your daily activities, you can direct parents to your profile so they know what their kids have been up to all day.


The parents you’re trying to reach with information about your daycare are likely professionals. Career-minded individuals can be found on LinkedIn, where you can share links and graphics, as well as promote your profile through advertising.