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How To: Create a Twitter for Business

Twitter is a great resource for quick updates, sharing links (to your blog, for example) and following ongoing trends. More than half a billion tweets are sent each day, so we suggest creating an account for your daycare and staying connected with your millennial parents.

Create Your Twitter Account

First, create a Twitter account here.

Looking to engage more moms and dads online?

Enter Your Information

Enter your business name and phone number. The name you want may be taken. Don’t panic if that happens. Keep it short, simple and easy to remember. It might take some planning but keeping your handle name consistent on Instagram and Twitter will make it easier for followers to find you.

Next, create your bio. This is a short description of your center. We aren’t kidding; you only have 160 characters to let people know who you are and why they should follow your account. Above the bio is your business name and handle, and below it is your geographic location and website, so don’t waste any of your 160 characters on this information.

To make changes after your account is created, click Edit Profile to change your theme color, description or location.

Add Images

Select a profile photo that is easy to read and recognize. You should upload a high-resolution, square image. Be aware that Twitter crops their profile photos into circles meaning that the corner of your images won’t show. This image will display on your profile page, as well as next to your tweets. The recommended size for your profile picture is 400 x 400 pixels. Be sure to use a jpg or png file.

Your header image is where you can showcase more about your center. Make it personable with photos of your staff or children that attend your center. You can also call attention to offers or openings that you have. It’s important to use quality imagery and stay consistent with your center’s branding guidelines. The recommended size is 1500 x 500 pixels. On a mobile screen, it will be cropped.

Start Tweeting

In the search bar, look for people and organizations that you work with and click on the blue Follow button. Share helpful information for your clients. This is a great place for up-to-date information like holiday hours or pickup changes.

You can pin a tweet to keep it at the top of your profile until you decide to remove it. Call attention to important information like, “We are now accepting new students in our newborn room. Contact us to schedule a tour!” or “Our brand new center is officially open! Join us for an open house on May 3rd to see everything we’ve been working on!”

Keep an efficient Twitter account. Only retweet information or articles that directly affect your business and clientele. It might be a holiday craft idea, tips for increasing parent participation, or benefits of socialization in daycare. Follow the trends and see what similar accounts are tweeting about in the ‘Trends for you’ section.