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7 Creative Instagram Post Ideas for Your Center

Instagram is a great platform for child care providers to show off their centers and engage with current parents and potential families alike. In fact, Instagram has become an effective social media platform for brands of all kinds, with 80 percent of accounts following a business profile. Make your child care profile stand out to parents with our Instagram post ideas that reflect your daycare’s family-centric values, highlight your unique features and connect with families.

Here are some creative content ideas for your child care Instagram profile:

Announce Milestones

Celebrate special days with your families and followers by posting about them so they can share in your excitement. If you’ve reached 500 followers, have an opening day anniversary or hit an all-time attendance record, post about it and thank your followers for getting you there!

Run a Giveaway

Grow your following, spark engagement among families and generate awareness for your center by running a giveaway. Giveaway contests are a great way to spark excitement around your child care center and get parents involved and talking about you to new families. You could offer a percentage off of tuition, a free summer camp registration, or free event tickets to encourage parents to participate!

Partner with Influencers

It’s important that parents see your center’s Instagram as a platform where they can engage and interact as part of a positive family-oriented community. Invite local mom and dad influencers on your Instagram to contribute fresh content with your followers. They might have some helpful parenting tips, fun snack ideas or kid-friendly events to share!

Share Employee Spotlights

Show off your awesome child care professionals and connect with parents by featuring your talented staff members! Post a photo and include a short bio that showcases their special qualities and child care credentials. Give parents confidence in their child care choice by reminding them that their children are in good hands.

Post Fun Photos

Whether it’s just a normal day at your center or a field trip day, parents love to see photos! Keep in touch with moms and dads throughout the day with fun photos of the kids making a craft, playing a game or eating a healthy snack. Pictures are also a great way to show off your facility and any new improvements you’ve made!

Repost Content

For something new, try reposting content from your followers. Not only does sharing user-generated content help fill gaps you might have in your content calendar, but it also puts something different on your followers’ feed and encourages parents to engage with your center. Invite families to participate by using your hashtag to get their photo shared on your profile!

Share Seasonal and Holiday Posts

Instagram is the perfect platform for showing off all of the exciting things you have going on at your daycare during the holiday season. Whether you’re making fun Halloween crafts or decorating a Christmas tree, you’ll want to take pictures for creative Instagram posts that highlight your fun, festive personality.