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Build Your Local SEO with Content Marketing

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps your center stand out in search results. Local SEO focuses search engine optimization efforts on parents in your neighborhood, city or region. For example, instead of trying to appear in the first page of search results for the phrase “daycare center with cameras,” you’ll be aiming to reach parents searching for phrases like “daycare center in Buffalo with cameras.”

The first step to a local SEO strategy is including your locations’ addresses and phone numbers on your website. Then, you’ll want to make sure online directories like Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook list each of your center’s locations contact information and addresses correctly.

Content Marketing for Local SEO

To increase your center’s local authority, publish content related to your community. When your website and other digital platforms include local content, it helps parents and search engines understand what role you play in your neighborhood.

Your Website

Begin with pages for each of your daycare locations. Make sure each page you create has lots of location-specific content that isn’t anywhere else on your website. Add questions you hear from new parents and current families to a frequently asked questions page.

Your Blog

Your blog should also focus on resources and information that local families will find helpful and engaging. Create lists of family-friendly activities in your area and feature families who have been with your center for years. Talk about new programs you’re running and share center news. You could also build a guide for families moving to your city.

Local Events

Being a part of neighborhood events gives you even more locally-focused content to share. Whether you’re hosting or sponsoring, events (like open houses, block parties, parades and holiday celebrations) are newsworthy events. Make sure you take advantage of this local SEO opportunity with a blog post, Facebook event, email marketing and press release.

Sharing Content

After taking the time to create local content, share it! Use your email lists, social media accounts, community websites and local news organizations to get your news out to the community.