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Building Your Enrollment Funnel with Your Website

Your center’s enrollment funnel outlines the steps new parents take before, during and after finding the perfect child care solution for their family. Moms and dads will move from awareness and consideration into conversion and loyalty. Your website can be there every step of the way.

Step 1: Awareness

In this step, parents are beginning to research their child care options. You want to bring your daycare center to the attention of parents who are getting a feel for different centers, as well as other types of child care.

Your website can help you build your enrollment funnel from the very top. Informational blog posts help you reach parents who are in the awareness stage. You can capture contact information at this step by asking browsing parents to subscribe to your monthly newsletter or drip campaign with general content repurposed from your blog.

Step 2: Consideration

When parents move into the consideration stage, they are narrowing down their list of choices. To appeal to parents in this step of the enrollment funnel, you want to make sure your website points out your competitive advantage, or what makes you different from your competitors. Parents are actively working to create a shortlist of centers they want to tour. A website with high-quality images or a virtual tour could be the push they need to sign up for a tour.

Step 3: Conversion

Testimonies and reviews are essential during all steps of the child care enrollment funnel. Social proof also reassures parents that they made the right choice. Provide content that helps parents feel confident your center is the right fit in the time between registration and their start date. In-depth case studies and blog posts featuring long-time families are great for this.

Step 4: Loyalty

Your website is a great tool for staying connected with families who are already clients. Include important medical forms, permission slips, center news and a calendar to continue building your online relationship with enrolled families.

User Experience in the Enrollment Funnel

No matter what step of the enrollment funnel parents are in, a user-friendly website is important. Remove any barriers parents might encounter online when trying to move through the funnel. Use easy-to-complete contact forms, prioritize speed, security and navigation, and make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Calls to action that guide parents from one step to the next also provide a good user experience.