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Creating Child Care Advertising for Millennial Parents

Today’s parents are more and more likely to be members of the Millennial generation. As parents, Millennials are different than previous generations, including their own parents. Because of this, as a child care provider you need to refresh the advertising strategies you use to promote your daycare business.

Millennial Parents are Still Millennials

Just because a Millennial becomes a parent, it doesn’t mean they give up the ideals that define their generation. Millennials expect a personalized experience from advertisers, including your center. These parents are multitasking in new ways and expect to have the information they need at their fingertips. Your child care center should aim to provide tailored information when and where parents are looking for it.

The Whole Family Matters

While previous generations of parents put kids’ needs well above their own, Millennials are focused on experiences that fit their family as a whole. This means the daycare businesses that succeed are the ones that promote their programs for kids of all ages, convenience for parents and the ability to adapt to a family’s needs.

Families Today are Built Differently

Today’s families are more diverse and varied than ever before, but Millennial parents still expect advertising tailored to their unique families. Dads, stepparents and grandparents are more involved in a family’s daycare experience than previous generations. It’s important to communicate to different types of families, as well as reach more than just moms, with personalized advertising.

Technology is Front and Center

Technology is a huge part of everyday life for Millennials and their kids. Don’t know something? Google it. Need a phone number? Scroll through your phone. Can’t remember someone’s birthday? Find it on Facebook. You can use Millennial’s dependence on technology to your advantage when choosing how you’re advertising your child care center.

Other People’s Opinions Matter

Advertisers have found that Millennials don’t blindly trust the information companies present to them. Instead, the Millennial generation turns to peers for information. This means asking for opinions on social media, browsing forums and reading reviews. Asking your current customers to leave reviews and monitoring those reviews can help you when promoting your daycare.