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Creative Daycare Event Advertising Ideas

Hosting an event is a great way for your child care center to engage with current families and invite new families to get to know you! If you want a good turnout, you need to effectively market your event. Here are some event advertising ideas for your daycare’s next open house, holiday party or family picnic!

Landing Page

One of the first steps in your event marketing process should be building a landing page that allows parents to register for your event easily online. Be sure to describe the event on your landing page in a way that excites families. Include a call to action that encourages parents to register. Your registration landing page will become the center of your event promotion, so you’ll want to make sure it’s well-designed!

Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to market an event going on at your center. Expand your event reach and increase awareness of your event online using this powerful tool.

Facebook Event

If your daycare is on Facebook, create a Facebook event that includes your registration landing page. Facebook events give parents the opportunity to RSVP online and share the event with their friends and family. They also let you start a discussion within the event group if there are any important announcements or updates you need to share!


Get families excited about your event by hosting a giveaway for free event tickets. Giveaways encourage parents to follow your page and share your event with friends and family!

Event Hashtag

Come up with an event hashtag that’s unique and memorable for parents to get involved. When you post anything related to your upcoming event, be sure to include your hashtag and invite parents to use it in their posts before, during and after the event!


Invite local mom and dad influencers to post about your daycare’s upcoming event using your hashtag! Social media influencers are great at spreading news quickly, especially when there’s an exciting event coming up.


One of the best event advertising ideas is to distribute flyers in your community and to your daycare’s current families to get the word out about the open house or seasonal event you’re hosting. Be sure to include the link to your event landing page, and invite parents to check out your social media for more event updates!

Email Blast

Send out an email to your daycare’s email list promoting your upcoming event and add the event to your monthly newsletter! Include a call to action in your email and write a subject line that encourages parents to register for your event. Give parents easy access to your registration form by including the link to your landing page right in the email. Lastly, be sure to provide social sharing links at the bottom of your email!