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Does My Daycare Need a LinkedIn Profile?

Using social media well requires a serious time commitment from child care businesses. Keeping your profiles updated with relevant information your followers are interested in can take hours each week. Instead of spreading yourself too thin over many social media networks, it’s okay to choose just a few to focus your efforts on.

When deciding which social media will deliver the biggest return on investment, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter likely comes to mind. Has your center considered LinkedIn? There are a few reasons spending time on professionally-focused LinkedIn can benefit your center online.

Search Engine Results Page Visibility

Like other social media profiles, a LinkedIn profile can rank on the first page of Google’s results when someone searches your center’s name. The more results that you own when people search for you, the more searchers will end up on a platform you control.

Your LinkedIn profile contains basic information about your business and a link to your website. This helps you funnel visitors interested in learning more to your website for additional information.

Establish Professional Credibility

LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for creating and maintaining professional connections. You can use LinkedIn to share your knowledge through posts and articles. LinkedIn is a great platform to complement other efforts to present yourself as a knowledgeable resource on children in your community.

Remember that the focus of LinkedIn is not specifically child care. However, you have lots of value to offer this professional network. Share your knowledge on balancing work with family time, experience as a manager and small business owner, and industry news other centers may be interested in.

LinkedIn prioritizes high-quality content within your followers’ (and their connections’) home pages, so providing unique, in-depth articles can help you reach more people with organic posts.

Reach Your Target Audience

Your child care center is aiming to reach parents who need child care with your ads and digital presence. It’s not difficult to assume that parents on LinkedIn work part- or full-time and rely on a daycare center for child care.

A complete LinkedIn profile can also help you attract qualified staff. The network is a great place to post about company culture and job openings.