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Should I Make a Facebook Profile, Page or Group?

Facebook offers a variety of options to help you connect with current and future clients. We’re here to help you decide which is right for you!

Option 1: Personal Profile

Many of our clients operate established daycares and continue to grow their business. When first starting out, it’s easy to promote your business on your personal Facebook profile to keep your friends and family updated about your new venture.


  1. You already have a large number of friends
  2. It’s convenient to manage only one account


  1. Your personal life can influence your clients
  2. There are privacy implications
  3. You can’t access advertising opportunities

It may be tempting to continue sharing business information on your personal Facebook account as your center grows. However, there are many reasons to begin a separate Facebook page for your company. We don’t suggest mixing business and pleasure on social media. You can still update your personal contacts about what’s going on at your daycare and share posts from your Facebook page on your private profile!

Option 2: Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is an easy way to grow your child care business, whether you are new to the child care industry or have an established center. Facebook has billions of monthly users (including 76% of women!) and almost 30% of them are between the ages of 25 and 34.

We recommend using a Facebook page because it allows you to use advertising and analytics to reach those users, who are likely to be moms and dads with young kids.


  1. Attract new followers and clients
  2. Set up Facebook ads to promote your business
  3. Easily communicate with current families


  1. It will take time to learn all the bells and whistles

Our helpful guide will assist you in setting up a Facebook Business page. The image below shows some of the paid options Facebook offers to help you grow your business, depending on your specific goals. You may want to increase your brand’s visibility, get more followers or send potential clients to your website. You can also let your page grow organically for free.

Option 3: Facebook Group


  1. Create a sense of community
  2. Great for situations like a field trip
  3. Set the group to public or private


  1. No advertising opportunities
  2. You cannot change the privacy setting after creating a group
  3. Poor organization

Facebook groups are an easy way to get a group together digitally but it’s not a great option for the long run. Groups can be especially beneficial for sharing information that may be too bulky or inappropriate for your public Facebook Business page. You may want to add new families to a welcome group so you don’t bother existing clients with the information they already know. Or, you could share important information, updates and photos about a field trip with only those who are attending.

The best part about Facebook is that you don’t need to choose just one of these options. In fact, if you’re comfortable using Facebook we suggest a mix of all three!