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Why Your Child Care Center Should Start a Blog

If you haven’t noticed already, blogging has become quite the trend for both people and companies across the world. Blogging is one of the most effective, low-cost marketing tools your child care center can implement. Here’s why:

Establish Relationship

A blog helps your center establish a strong relationship with parents and potential customers. By blogging, you can engage with parents and build trust with them, whether you’re giving them simple childcare tips and tricks, or updating them on an upcoming event your facility is hosting. The ultimate goal is to position your center as an expert in the field, in a very natural and conversational way.

Bring in Traffic

If your childcare center has a website already, starting a blog is the best way to build engagement and boost traffic. In order to maintain an online presence, you must consistently add new content to your website. A blog will improve your SEO because Google loves to see fresh, updated content on your site! The more visible your website is in search engine results, the more likely you are to bring in new visitors. Not to mention, your blog posts themselves will bring in plenty of outside traffic if you’re posting relevant childcare inquiries.

Stand Out

Blogging is the perfect opportunity for your child care center to make its presence known and stand out among other centers. Blogging gives your child care center a platform to connect with current families and future customers. Your child care center’s voice should incorporate its own style and brand. Make your blog content unique and helpful for parents to keep them engaged!

Tip: Check out these interesting blog post ideas.

Grow Your Email List

Most parents want to stay in the loop and receive helpful child care tips and ideas. What better way to grow your email list than allowing parents to subscribe to your blog? Once you capture their email, you can extend invites to events at your center, or send them promotional items!

Social Media Engagement

Blogs give you plenty of content to share on your social media accounts! You’ll definitely want to update your accounts when a new post is up, and you can share old blogs every once in a while, as long as they’re still relevant! Social media also gives people the chance to share your posts with others, and bring in more visitors to your center’s website.