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Marketing Strategy

How to Include Calls to Action in your Digital Marketing

To guide parents through your daycare’s marketing funnel smoothly, you must use strategic calls to action in all of your marketing materials that will direct them to the next step. If parents are not presented with an obvious opportunity to take action, like call your center or sign up for a tour, they may never become clients.

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action (CTA) is a statement intended to trigger a specific response or act from your audience: millennial parents with young children. CTAs should be included in your digital marketing, including your website, emails and social media.

Call to action phrases use clear action verbs. Don’t assume that people know what to do when they see your daycare’s social media ad or marketing email. Your CTA should answer parents’ “So what?” question. Keep it simple and straightforward.

Here are some call to action examples:

  • Sign up
  • Register
  • Subscribe
  • Buy now
  • Follow
  • Share
  • Click here for
  • Download
  • Enter to win
  • Get a discount
  • Call

Tip: For tips on creating calls to action that drive enrollment, click here.

Here are some ways you can include CTAs in your digital marketing:

Using CTAs in all of your marketing materials is crucial for increasing engagement, website traffic and enrollment for your daycare center. Three digital marketing platforms you may want to include CTAs on are your daycare’s website, emails and social media.


Including CTAs on your center’s webpage is very important for positive user experience. CTAs help guide parents to the right page or form on your site. Often times, websites use CTA buttons so users just have to click on the button to complete an action or engage with your website.

For example, you can include a “Read More Articles” button on your center’s blog posts to encourage parents to interact with your site. At the end of your blog posts, you can also include a “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” button to get parents invested in your free top of the funnel content.


Creating email subject lines that invite parents to take action will encourage them to open your email. For example, use “Save Today” or “Get 20% Off” in your subject line if you are including an enrollment discount in your email. Next, be sure to add a visible CTA button in your email that directs parents to your registration form. You may also want to include a “share” CTA button at the bottom of your email templates to compel users to share your newsletters with friends and family.

Tip: Keep your language professional so your emails don’t end up in parents’ spam folders.

Social Media

Social media platforms are designed to encourage user engagement between your daycare and brand. Including CTAs in your posts will inspire parents to interact with your center and other families. Ask parents to comment on your content, share feedback or photos, or reserve their child’s spot.

Instagram and Facebook Ads include clickable and trackable CTA buttons that you can set up on your daycare’s ads that lead viewers to your website or registration form by clicking “Learn More” or “Get Offer.” Be sure to provide a benefit within your CTA that makes parents want to click.