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Instagram Story Ideas for Your Child Care Center

If your child care center is on Instagram, and looking for new ways to spark engagement among your followers, try using Instagram Stories for some new fun and creative content. Along the way, you might just pick up some new followers and a little bit of website traffic too!

What is an Instagram Story?

You may have noticed the little profile bubbles that show up at the top of your Instagram screen. Those are Instagram Stories! This feature allows you to post content (images, video and text) that disappears after exactly 24 hours. Your Story does not show up in your followers’ normal feed or your profile, but only in the band along the top of the screen!

Instagram stories band screenshot

Instagram Stories are meant for short, bite-size clips or fast photos that don’t require a whole lot of effort from your viewers who simply just have to click through. Stories can be very engaging for parents on-the-go who have a quick second to glance at their Instagram, or for those who are just browsing their Explore tab.

Instagram Story Ideas


Questions are a great way to start a conversation with families, whether you’re asking or answering. If you’re looking for feedback from parents or things that they’d like to see more of, ask them or take a poll in your Stories! You can even share responses on your Stories to highlight your answers to your followers’ questions and comments.

Promote a Recent Blog Post

If you just posted a new article on your child care blog, an Instagram Story is the perfect way to promote it and drive traffic right to the post. Share a sneak peak of the blog on your Story with some pictures and quick, short text. Be sure to add the blog post link to your profile bio and let your viewers know where to find it.

Share Videos

Sharing videos in an Instagram Story can be very effective because they’re short clips and they play automatically when parents are clicking through their Stories. Show parents what activities their kids are up to while they’re at your daycare; this is content families definitely want to see!

Child Care Tips and Tricks

The most important part of social media is creating engaging content that’s valuable to families. Sharing helpful tips or ideas on your Instagram Story is a great way to engage with moms and dads on the day-to-day. As parents interact with your resources, your content becomes more likely to show up at the top of their feed. These types of Stories also provide awesome shareable content for new parents to see!