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Manage Your Social Media Accounts in 15 Minutes a Day

Social media gives you a great opportunity to communicate with parents in your community. However, without effective social media management, running your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube accounts can quickly turn into a full-time job.

After creating and scheduling a large batch of content at once using your content calendar, you can easily manage your social media accounts in 15 minutes a day. Following these social media management tips will help you stay on track!

Minutes 0-5

Start by opening all your social media accounts in separate tabs in your browser. Respond to comments, reviews and messages on each individual platform.

Minutes 6-10

If there are any last-minute updates you need to communicate with your followers, use this time to post them. This may include event updates or schedule changes. For updates you want to share a few times, schedule them during this chunk of time.

On days you don’t need to add any photos or links, share posts from relevant community groups, local schools or child development experts. A large part of running a social media account as a business is helping your audience find the information they’re looking for. This information might not always be on your website!

Minutes 11-15

Take a few minutes to like and comment on posts from organizations and people you want to build a relationship with. This may be community groups, family-friendly events in your city, past families and child care industry groups.

Throughout the rest of the day, resist the urge to respond to social media notifications. Most likely, these are not urgent and can wait until tomorrow’s 15-minute check-in. Make sure that any current families know that they should call or email if they have immediate concerns.

You should be able to complete these steps for all of your social media accounts in 15 minutes. Remember, you don’t need to be on every social media platform to engage parents! If you’re short on time, you can easily forgo the second and third steps here.