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Why You Should Care About Google Algorithms

What is the Google Algorithm?

An algorithm is simply a mathematical equation used to process data and information in a very specific way. Google uses search algorithms to sort through billions of web pages in its search index to locate and display the most relevant results for searchers.

Algorithms look at many different factors to find the most useful information. For example, Google detects mobile usability, page speed, credibility, and the searcher’s location, just to name a few. Using these factors, Google then ranks your web content on the search results page based on how well it meets Google’s specifications and answers a searcher’s question.

Why You Should Care

Google’s search factors are regularly changing to improve results for searchers. Google wants to give its customers the best user experience possible and so should you! If you want your child care center’s website to rank well in search results, you have to keep up with Google’s constantly evolving algorithms.

Understanding user intent should be your first priority, as long as it is Google’s. Performing keyword analysis is really important if you want to find out what young parents are really looking for.

Creating content that Google can read and access is crucial if you want it to index well. Using things like Schema markup will allow your website pages to be more easily understood by Google. The better Google can understand your web content, the more likely it is to rank well in search results.

If you want your daycare’s website to satisfy Google’s algorithms, you’re going to need to focus on more than just your content. Optimizing your website for a user-friendly experience is key if you want parents to stay and come back. Incorporating responsive web design, page speed and mobile compatibility in your web design strategy will improve your Google ranking status and make a good first impression for busy parents.