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Why Your Daycare Center Should Use Facebook Groups

If your daycare center has a Facebook page, you may want to start using Facebook Groups to connect with your current families. Groups let you interact and engage with a specific group of parents, creating a more personable and exclusive experience for them.

Here are a few reasons your child care center should use Facebook Groups:


Groups are a great way to provide extra value to the parents you are connecting with. You can use groups to share extra child care content, host discussion boards, or advertise exclusive events. This is the perfect space to share extra content, links or photos with parents who want to see more. For example, creating a welcome group would allow you to share content that would be beneficial to new parents who are just getting to know your center without having to annoy the rest of the parents following your page.

Community Engagement

Social media is the perfect place for building relationships with and among your current and potential families. Facebook Groups further the sense of community among families with a more private space where they can converse among themselves while engaging with your center.

You can make your Facebook Group a place for parents to discuss kids’ activities and events going on around town, or arts and crafts projects for children. This is a great opportunity for you to promote your own events or share blog posts full of tips and tricks while engaging with your families.


Groups allow you to create exclusive platforms to share information only relevant to its members, without bothering all of your Facebook page followers. For example, if your daycare takes a field trip, a private Facebook Group would be a great platform to discuss important trip details, updates and photos throughout the trip with only parents whose kids are attending.


Because Facebook Groups are more exclusive than pages, the content is visible in places other than just your feed. In addition to group content showing up in members’ feeds, group members also receive notifications when others have posted or shared within the group page. If members want to check in on the group, they can easily access the page on under the Group tab.