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How to Create a Blog Content Calendar

Blogging is one of the most effective marketing tools your daycare can implement. Having a child care blog will help your center establish a relationship with your current families, grow your email list, bring in website traffic and provide social media content.

Keeping up with your child care blog can be challenging or even a little overwhelming. A content calendar actually makes things easier for you by helping you stay organized with an outline.

Instead of struggling to come up with topics and content on the spot, you’ll have a concrete schedule with deadlines, topics and categories to keep you on track. Plus, it’s important that your blog content follows a somewhat cohesive plan so you can stick to your daycare’s overall marketing strategy.

Creating a Content Calendar for Your Blog

Set Up a Calendar

Before anything else, you’ll want to set up a calendar or document that provides a framework for you to log topics, ideas, categories and deadlines. You can set up an Excel or Google Sheets document, or find a downloadable content calendar online.

Set a Publishing Schedule

Figure out an appropriate posting frequency for your daycare’s blog, and set up deadlines accordingly on your calendar. Maybe it’s once a week, or just twice a month. No matter your schedule, consistency is crucial when it comes to blogging. Your followers want a predictable posting schedule. Additionally, updating your website regularly with fresh content will help you stay on top of your site’s SEO.

Determine your Blog Categories

Come up with a few appropriate categories for your child care blog posts to improve usability for your readers. Sticking to a handful of categories helps parents find more posts on a similar topic and guide new parents through your content. Categorizing your daycare’s blog content will help you stay organized and make sure your content is diverse. Additionally, using categories will boost your child care site’s SEO by helping Google make sense of your content.

Brainstorm Blog Post Topics

After adding categories to your content calendar, it’s time to start brainstorming some blog post topics. Changing up your post categories each posting day not only helps keep parents engaged, but it helps guide your blog post topics. As you come up with topic ideas, add them to your content calendars next to the relevant category. Beneath your content calendar, or on a separate page, add a section for future post ideas so you can add them as they come to you!

Keep Your Calendar Up-to-Date

Check your calendar regularly to make sure you’re keeping up with content creation. Update your calendar regularly so that you’re a month or two ahead. This way, you can write the posts when you have time and schedule them in advance on your website.