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How Consistent Messaging Builds Your Center’s Reputation

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Your child care center probably follows a style guide, even if it isn’t a formal document outlining your brand’s preferred colors and fonts. Using similar visual elements to represent your center continuously helps parents immediately recognize your emails, social media posts and flyers.

Just like your visual brand guidelines, your center should use consistent messaging to communicate your values to parents and your community. No matter how a family finds your center, they should be able to understand your mission and what sets you apart from other local centers.

You want parents to know your center for the elements of child care you focus on, whether it’s education, individualized care or something else. Therefore, the brand and services you share with your community need to reflect these elements of your child care philosophy. It’s easy to believe your center is great at everything. However, too many messages, especially if they conflict with one another, can confuse parents. Sticking to one or two themes that fit your mission gives outsiders a concrete idea of what you’re about.

Your website, social media profiles, event presence, emails and other marketing materials should all have consistent messaging. The staff at your center should completely understand your marketing message as well. This adds consistency to in-person interactions, phone calls and customer service.

Each platform should highlight the same values because your message is the foundation for your reputation. For example, a daycare with a focus on education should highlight learning in their ads and on social media. This could include posts about teacher qualifications, curriculum and learning through play.

The center’s website should talk about how age-appropriate education is incorporated. Blog posts should demonstrate teachers’ knowledge on the subject and how parents can incorporate learning at home too. Phone scripts and tours should use consistent messages about how education is a part of every day at the center.

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