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3 Content Sharing Platforms for Your Daycare’s Blog Posts

What is Content Sharing?

Content sharing is just as important as content creation when it comes to a successful daycare marketing campaign. Once you create a blog post, it’s time to share it with the world! Ultimately, you want people to navigate to your website to read your content, engage with your center and spread the word to other families. A few ways you can do that are through social media, email, and influencers.

1. Social Media

Sharing content on social media makes for a simple and effective way to reach your ideal audience. Families who follow your daycare center’s accounts will read your content and likely share it with other families who have not yet visited your facility’s website.


Sharing your blog posts on Facebook is a great way to start a conversation between families and your daycare center. When sharing, be sure to add a clever status or question that grabs parents’ attention and makes them want to click on the link and read more on the topic.

Keep in mind that Facebook does allow for more text than other platforms, such as Twitter, so you can add a longer post – just don’t go overboard here! In addition, double-check after posting that your link includes an appropriate featured image and a meta description to hook your reader.

If your daycare center participates in any Facebook groups, share your blog link there as well!


If your daycare facility is on Twitter, it’s a great content sharing platform for your blog posts. The 140 character limit on Twitter is notable when sharing, because you may have to fine-tune your link caption to meet the length requirement. This platform is also big on hashtags, which your daycare center can use to its advantage. When you use hashtags, your tweets become searchable for trending keywords, helping your tweets receive more engagement.


When your blog post deals with activity ideas, such as arts and crafts, or includes shareable photos, you should be pinning it on Pinterest. If you add the blog link to the description, parents can actually click on the pin and go right to your daycare’s website. The perfect Pinterest-worthy picture will capture your viewer’s eye.

Tip: Not sure which social media platforms are right for your center? This might help you decide.

2. Email

Email is another great content sharing platform to distribute your daycare’s most recent blog posts to interested parents quickly. Email is an extremely powerful digital marketing tool and it’s not going away any time soon. In fact, 91% of consumers check their email at least once daily on their smartphone. Think about how many parents you can reach through a weekly email newsletter or blog post roundup.

3. Influencers

Collaborating with local parent influencers to share your blog posts could greatly benefit your daycare center. Depending on the reach of your potential partners, your center could gain exposure and connect with new families. Work closely with influencers to help their followers learn about what you have to offer them.