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Is Social Media Marketing Right for my Child Care Center?

There are many ways to advertise your child care center online, including multiple social media platforms. Choosing which platforms are worth devoting time to can seem just as daunting as using the platforms. However, almost 80% of the population uses Facebook alone, so social media is a great way to market to potential clients online.

Choose Your Social Media Platforms

Not every social media channel will work for every daycare; your center’s unique strengths and local competitors’ strategies should influence which platforms you choose to use. The social media you use depends on your goals, and the time and budget you’re prepared to allocate to social media marketing. Stretching a limited budget across many platforms can hurt more than it helps.

Each social channel offers unique benefits and challenges. Facebook gives advertisers lots of detailed online marketing options. LinkedIn is home to professionals, including parents. Pinterest can help you share activities that you did throughout the day with family at home. You can also consider Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Organic Reach and Promoted Posts

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels let you post links, photos and updates without investing in paid advertising. This is often enough to keep current families informed and educate potential clients on the basics of your child care business. To reach a wider audience of new parents, consider paying to promote your website, page or individual posts. Again, deciding what social media marketing strategies and tactics are right for your child care center depends on your personal goals and challenges.

Manage Your Reviews

Parents researching child care options seek out reviews. Your Facebook and Google profiles are two places where you can invite current customers to leave reviews. When you regularly monitor these platforms, you can address people’s comments about your daycare, whether positive or negative, in a timely manner. Your responses give potential clients even more information to use when making their own decision.