Active, responsive social media accounts help your center build relationships with parents.

With 79% of the population using Facebook alone, it’s important for your daycare to have social media accounts that reflect how great your center is.

ParentSeek partners with your staff to completely manage your social media profiles, from cover photo to daily updates. We’ll take care of responding to comments, messages and reviews, helping you connect with local families.

Social Media Options

ParentSeek keeps your social media profiles up-to-date to help parents get to know you.

Update Social Media Profiles

Together, we’ll take a look at the social media you already use to decide which platforms are best for engaging local parents. No matter which platforms we seek out families on, we’ll update your profiles to make it easy for parents to recognize your center.

Daily Monitoring

Daily monitoring helps your center connect with new parents while keeping an eye out for issues. ParentSeek will check in on your profiles during regular business hours, engaging with parents and pointing families curious about learning more toward your website.

Review Management

Past and present families will leave all types of reviews on your Facebook and Google profiles, no matter how you run your center. New parents use these reviews on their journey to choosing a daycare, so respectfully responding to reviews as soon as possible is essential.

Customer Support

If you have any questions about your updated social media profiles, let us know. We’re happy to give you tips on creating posts that connect with parents or set up a quick lesson on how Facebook, Instagram or Google My Business work.

Quarterly Design Updates

ParentSeek’s design team will revisit your social media profiles every few months to keep things fresh. Seasonal cover photos and featured photos that reflect what’s going on at your child care center let parents know how much you care about adding a special touch.

Daily Sharing

Regular center updates, helpful links and cute photos add personality to your profiles. New parents and current families alike will love this daily peak into the community you and your staff create at your center.

24/7 Monitoring

Parents aren’t just on social media during your center’s hours. Our team helps you connect with families at a time that’s convenient for them. ParentSeek is on call around the clock to respond to questions, concerns and reviews across your social media profiles.

Original Social Content

Being a trustworthy source of all things child care on platforms like Facebook helps you build relationships with families. ParentSeek can create helpful, sharable blog posts that answer parents’ questions about their kids, your center and the neighborhood you share.

Ready to Start Growing?

Interested in how our dedicated marketing team can partner with your center? Let’s chat about ways to share what makes your center special with new parents.