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Marketing Strategy

4 Easy Ways to Implement Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing focuses on capturing parents’ attention with informational content, rather than straightforward advertising about your child care center’s services. An excellent inbound marketing strategy highlights content that your potential customers find interesting and helpful. This way, you aren’t bombarding people who aren’t interested in irrelevant information.

You want to target parents who are interested in your brand with quality content in order to form a relationship with them. In the future, they will be more likely to enroll their child at your daycare or take advantage of your other services because of the trusting relationship you developed.

Ways to Implement Inbound Marketing Strategies at Your Daycare


If you have a child care blog, you have the perfect platform to share inbound marketing content with parents who want to hear from you. A blog will help you establish a healthy relationship with your current families and potential customers. By sharing helpful tips and tricks or interesting news at your facility, you become a handy resource for parents. Blog posts also make for shareable social media and email content!

Landing Pages

Once parents arrive at your website and express interest, give them an opportunity to take the next step, whether it’s signing up for your weekly newsletter, contacting your daycare or registering for an open house event. A good landing page strategy will help you to capture the information you’re looking for from parents who are already curious about your center.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a really effective inbound marketing tactic that allows you to reach parents who actually want to receive updates from you. How do we know? Well, they signed up for it! Email is a great place to connect with families by sharing updates about your center, curated blog posts or upcoming events you’re hosting. More importantly, parents are getting free content from you right in their inbox that encourages them to see more of what your center has to offer their families.

Social Media

Social media is a great place to start when you’re targeting young millennial parents at the top of the inbound marketing funnel. Organic content goes a long way when it’s engaging and valuable to families. Adding ads to your strategy will maximize your reach and target parents specifically interested in your services.